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Ormsby Motors Inc. is an expert in every aspect of auto repair and service. Our technicians possess extensive knowledge of a wide range of specialties and place customer satisfaction as a top priority on every project. For services that require you to leave your car in our shop and return to pick it up at a later time, we provide courtesy vehicles so you don’t miss a minute of your daily routine. Our mechanics have the experience to work with any car, truck, SUV, or van.

Maintenance Services


Ormsby Motors in Crystal Lake provides all types of maintenance services, and we’ll get you in and out within an hour or less. We provide vehicle inspections for license plate sticker renewals and any other purpose. Our technicians also complete oil and lube services, changing your oil, replacing your filter, and lubricating any small parts as needed. If your vehicle needs a tune-up, we provide those services as well, advising you on any further repairs found during the tune-up appointment if applicable.



For vehicles with a radiator, Ormsby Motors completes any type of radiator repairs including complete radiator replacement. The radiator is what regulates the temperature of your engine and other parts under the hood to prevent the car from overheating. If your temperature gauge is reading hotter than normal or you’ve seen steam rising from your hood, your radiator should be repaired as soon as possible. Bring your vehicle to our auto shop in Crystal Lake to get it fixed in no time.

Air Conditioning


Whether your A/C isn’t getting cold, not blowing any air at all, there’s a hose leak, or you experience any other problem, our Crystal Lake area mechanics can fix your cooling system. From minor repairs such as a refrigerant refill to major repairs such as replacing the compressor, we’ll have your vehicle cool and comfortable again in no time.

Roadside Assistance


Ormsby Motors has a fleet of equipment and experienced team members to provide roadside assistance. This includes battery jump starts, lockout service, and towing. We can tow your vehicle to your home, our shop, or other specified location. Call us 24/7 and we will assist you as soon as possible.



Ormsby Motors also provides simple and complex engine repairs, including complete overhauls. We are experienced in engine replacement, which in some cases, can be the more economical option over purchasing a new vehicle. No matter what repair your engine needs, we’ll get your car up and running again.



A cracked, loose, or rusted muffler creates unnecessary engine noise and if the muffler falls off completely, that can lead to toxic fume leaks. We can make minor and major muffler repairs so your driving experience is completely safe and quiet again.

Fuel System


Our mechanics complete fuel system repair and maintenance services. This include fuel filter replacements, fuel injection system cleaning and repairs, gas tank repairs, and more.



We also provide any type of electrical repair your automobile needs, including exterior and interior lighting, the alternator, battery replacements, stereo system repairs, and more.



We also have a selection of high quality replacement tires to choose from, and can install them on the same day you purchase them. We provide tire rotation and balancing services as well.



If you experience a clunking sound, shaking, or bouncing when driving over bumps in the road, your vehicle may need some type of suspension system repair. Our mechanics can complete any repair you need, including the replacement of shocks and struts

Wheel Alignment


When a vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment, the steering wheel may pull to one side, especially when making a turn, or the wheel may feel shaky even while driving straight. Wheel alignments are often required as part of regular vehicle maintenance—Ormsby Motors can complete this service in around 45 minutes.

Please contact us directly and we would be happy to provide you with a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

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