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With all the recent technological advancements in automobiles, our cars are running better than ever. These new vehicles are allowing us more miles in between service check-ups. The reliability can almost make us almost forget about vehicle maintenance until it is too late. Follow these few tips to ensure that you get the most out of your vehicle. 

Check your tire pressure 
A flat tire can come at the most inconvenient time. Be prepared! Check your air pressure once a month and before any big road trip. Low air pressure can wreak havoc on your gas mileage and take its toll at the pump. Vehicles are designed to operate the best with the recommended tire pressure, anything different will hurt the vehicle’s performance.

Check the engine oil
Regularly checking your engine’s oil will yield the best performance out of your vehicle. Just simply checking your oil levels with a dipstick is all you need to do. Don’t overfill. For detailed instructions click here. It is recommended to check your oil every 5,000 miles or six months.

Wash your car 
Dirt and debris from the road will not only make your car look dirty, but also break down the infrastructure of the vehicle. This is especially important in the winter with salt on the road. Try to wash your car a couple times a month. 

Check your air filter 
To check if your air filter is good, hold it up to a light. If a light goes through the filter, your filter is in good condition. If light does not come through, it’s time for a replacement. 

Inspect the exhaust system
Rust on the exhaust parts is a sign that it’s time for a replacement. While driving make sure the exhaust sound is consistent. Checking the exhaust system may require you to go under the car, so it’s recommended to get the exhaust system checked when you bring your car in for vehicle maintenance.  Ormsby Motors automotive experts have years of experience in the automobile industry. We will fully inspect your vehicle to make sure you car is running properly. We will check every automobile problem in the book! For more information about Ormsby Motors, visit our website at or give us a call at (815) 459-4566