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When it comes to choosing a car, there are many factors to consider. You’ll need to consider your lifestyle, budget, new or used. There are a variety of types: 

Sedans. The most common vehicle type on the market, a sedan is a passenger automobile that comes with four passenger doors, carrying five seating spaces across two rows. The rear seats are usually big enough, accommodating at least two adults or three small children. Sedans are best suited for couples, singles, or regular-sized families. 

Hatchbacks. A hatchback is a passenger vehicle that comes with a rear door, referred to as a hatch, which lifts up, allowing access to a cargo compartment. Most hatchbacks offer five seating spaces across two rows, having either two or four passenger doors. As a result, these vehicles are perfectly suited for singles, couples, and regular-sized families.

Coupes. A two-door passenger vehicle with a fixed roof, coupes are shorter than sedans or hatchbacks featuring either two or five seating spaces across one or two rows. While they are usually perfect for young couples or individuals, they are usually not suitable for families. 

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs). A sport utility vehicle, or SUV, has a truck-like appearance and high ground clearance. An automobile that spotlights cabin space and cargo capacity, an SUV can have four to eight seats across two or three rows. With the ability to handle rugged terrains, SUVs have the towing capacity of a pickup truck. These vehicles are best suited for families or people who enjoy off-road trips.

Minivans. A minivan is a vehicle that features three seating rows, carrying up to six to eight passengers, depending on the configuration. Access to the rear seating space usually involves one or two sliding doors, though out-swing variants exist as well. These vehicles tend to be associated with comfort and size, which makes them perfect for families.

Affordability. You want to make sure that your wants don’t outweigh your means.

We recommend utilizing the Car Affordability Calculator by U.S. News. You can play around with the monthly payment and down payment to give yourself options.

If you have questions about financing, call or visit Ormsby Motors Inc. to discuss options and what plan will be best for you. 

You’re not just buying a car, but a guarantee of long-lasting value and reliability when you purchase a used car or truck from Ormsby Motors Inc. in Crystal Lake, IL. View our website for our current inventory, contact us, or come by our location today!