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Take a moment to consider your current vehicle. It is a prized possession both of pride and convenience. It gets you from place to place safely and quickly, all while giving you a stylish and comfortable ride. Yes, a car is certainly something to be valued and cherished, that is, until something goes wrong with it! Suddenly, this possession of convenience instantaneously becomes an expensive burden.

That’s why Ormsby Motors wants to ensure you as a car-owner are well informed not only about potential issues that can damage your vehicle, but also on how you can prevent those issues from becoming a serious and costly problem.
With the proper tools and instruction, minor car problems can be mended, even by you. Here are a few common vehicle issues that you can quickly and easily repair on your own.

Flat Tire
If you notice excessive tilting on your car or there is a loud, thumping noise occurring while you drive, chances are one of your tires is flat.

While examining and taking out the spare tire from your trunk, pay special attention to the small car jack, the built-in lever, and the lug nut ratchet. Simply put the jack on a stable part of the car’s frame and pump up the car. Finally, remove the lug nuts and put the donut on before safely (and cheaply) driving off again!

Dead Battery
If your car suddenly won’t start, a dead battery is likely to blame. To repair this, you will need a battery charger or tester. After cleaning off the battery with a metal brush, unbolt the negative terminal of the battery and then unbolt the positive terminal. Simply remove the old battery, put in the new one, and bolt in the new chargers from there. And you’re done!
Otherwise, if you don’t have a battery tester or charger, give us a call and we’re happy to take a look at the battery for you!

Broken Head or Tail Lights
Depending on your model and make of car, a specific light bulb is needed to replace a broken head or tail light. Once you decipher which bulb is necessary, it is usually very simple to pop the light covers out, replace the bulb, and put the cover back on. Just make sure the car is turned off and cooled down before you make this easy fix!

Oil Change
If you’ve driven anywhere from 3,000-5,000 miles since your last oil change, it’s certainly time for a new one! Make sure you know what type of oil your vehicle needs, where the oil pan bolt is, where the oil filter is, and how much oil your car can hold before beginning this repair. Once you know that information, simply loosen the bolt and drain the old oil before replacing the old oil filter. Then, refill the engine with new oil, and tighten the bolt back up. You are then ready to hit the road safely again! 

These tips can be better utilized if you also make the small investment and purchase some essential items to make these potential repairs even easier. Owning a basic garage tool kit containing a car jack, wrenches, screwdrivers, and support stands, is a crucial key to success when taking on these simple fixes. We also highly recommend you purchase an appropriate service manual for your particular brand of vehicle.

Ormsby Motors wants to arm you with knowledge to ensure your car remains your cherished possession rather than an unaffordable hassle. Take steps now to ensure your vehicle’s conditions remains pristine by paying attention to the warning signs. Want more ways to protect your vehicle and ensure its high quality performance? That’s where your friends and experts at Ormsby Motors comes in! Call us at 815-459-4566 or email us at’d be happy to take care of you and answer any questions you may have!