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Those in the market for a new vehicle find the prospect of purchasing a used car to be an attractive one: not only is it an option that works with a variety of budgets, but you can still get the car you’ve dreamed of without sacrificing your taste and ultimate wish list!

But, like many things in life, buying a car is a big decision that must not be rushed into; in order to guarantee that you are getting a quality vehicle that is going to keep you safe and last you for years to come, you need to do the proper research before you even step onto your local car lot. Coming prepared, knowing what you are looking for, and knowing what information you need to obtain is the best way you can guarantee that you are not only satisfied with your purchase but that you are getting your money’s worth.

Here are some crucial questions you should be asking when you are buying a used vehicle:

What is the Car’s Maintenance History?

Auto Gravity recommends anyone purchasing a used car should ask what the maintenance history is on the vehicle you are interested in purchasing. A car that has gone through several repairs in its recent history may not be worth your investment. It’s also a good idea to ask about the condition of the car’s crucial parts, such as the battery and the engine. If these systems are old and have never been replaced, this will be additional (and often costly) expenses for you down the road-and likely sooner rather than later!

How Miles Does the Car Have?

A car with high miles often comes at a very reasonable cost. That’s good, right? What could possibly be the drawback? Well, if a vehicle has been driven quite a bit in the past, that could mean that its best days are behind it. It’s best to find a good balance between a car that has miles on it (which is good for your wallet), but not so many miles where you won’t be able to drive the vehicle for too long.

Is the Car Under Warranty?

According to Edmunds, when visiting your local used dealership, you will want to ask your salesperson what the “in-service” date is of the vehicles that interest you. This is the date that the warranty on the car begins; in some cases, this is the date that the car is purchased, but that is not always the case. It is crucial to never purchase a car without understanding how much coverage a warranty gives you and when it will expire.

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