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Failing an Emissions test can be a frustrating experience. Vehicles that fail the emissions or smog test cannot be registered with the DMV, meaning if your car fails you will not get a license plate for it until repairs are made and retested. Most inspections give you point by point constructive feedback on what needs to change in order to pass. Here are some possible reasons why your vehicle failed emissions. 

Loose gas cap

A loose or leaking gas cap is one of the least expensive problems to fix. Especially in older vehicles, seals can wear away which can lead to excessive fumes being released from the tank.

Dirty air filter

Have you thought about cleaning your air filter recently? If it’s been a while, this might be the reason why. A dirty air filter can lead to high levels of carbon monoxide and cause an emissions test failure.

Old spark plugs

Replacing your spark plugs will not only increase gas mileage but can help lower emission pollutants that lead to failed car emissions tests.

Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is the most crucial piece of equipment in your engine when it comes to controlled emissions. The job of this device is to turn toxic gases into nontoxic, healthy emissions and keep you and everyone else safe from harm’s way by protecting our environment. If a damaged converter fails an emission test then it would be better off getting checked out before taking in. 

EVAP defects

The EVAP system in a car makes sure gasoline vapors are contained inside the fuel tank. If this is damaged, then harmful gases will be released into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, since there are multiple hoses and vents that make up this system, problems can be hard to track down which may cause costly repairs.

Faulty check engine light 

The check engine light can sometimes be faulty or defective, causing the emissions test to fail. Luckily, this problem is usually simple and inexpensive to fix. You should still get your car tested regularly for safety reasons though!

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